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Past Results

XWF Inc. American Cancer Society benefit - 6/5/05 - Bridgeport Eagles - Bridgeport, OH

Flawless defeated Zippy.

Double A defeated Justin Sane

Kano defeated "Syko" Sean Dahmer

Kid Cupid aka "Cupac" defeated "The Weseler" Wes Fetty

Kahn/Cash defeated G.A.Y.

Jabari defeated Stacy Hunter

Jason Cage defeated Dash Bennett and Cornbread in a 3 way dance

Vincent defeated "Violent" Vance Desmond and Lightning in a 3 way Dance

American Eagle vs. "King of Men" Devin Devine went to a 10 minute draw

"Mr. 8X10" Michael Cruz defeated Brandon X

Storm Trooper retained his XWF Inc. Heavyweight Title by defeating "Upgrade" Tyrone Evans

XWF Inc. Wrestling - 5/15/05 - Bridgeport Eagles - Bridgeport, OH

The show started off with Tony Summers introducing the new co-owner Natasha Reign. In the middle of Natasha's opening statements, Naomi Sinclair entered to welcome Natasha Reign to the X. The new boss spazzed about Sinclair not knowing Naomi's role. Shocked, Naomi began to exit but not before Reign informs her that she is to change her entrance music because there is a new bitch in the X

Match 1 was Kano vs. Jason Cage. Cage was the winner with his sick destroyer off the top rope.

Match 2 Jabari entered stating there were a couple of midgets in the back that kept calling him fat. The two midgets were none other than Tony Galloway and Flawless. In the end the two little guys wore down the big man for the win. Then out of no where Stacy Hunter ran in and nearly took off Jabari's head with a clothesline. Jabari challenges Hunter for the next show and Hunter accepts.

Match 3 was Smythe against Devin Devine. Smythe was the victor and was challenged for a rematch to take place at next week's BDW show. Smythe accepted the challenge.

Match 4 was Unknown versus Jason Gory versus Jason Thunder. As is expected this match was jam packed with alot of high flying, flips, and kicks. After Unknown and Thunder gave Gory a beating he fled the ring area taking his clique with him. Unknown was the winner beating Jason Thunder and an absent Jason Gory.

Match 5 was Mr. 8x10 against the 400 lb Bishop Slade. Slade enters the ring with steel chairs wanting to make this a hard core match. Cruz kept it clean using more wrestling moves and techniques. Cruz won after coming off the ropes and securing a rollover pin on the big man.

After the match, Cruz started to address the fans, but Brandon X entered with his manager Fresh. Brandon X challenges Cruz and he accepts. The match went back and forth then out of no where Slade re-enters with a steel chair and throws a devastating clothesline which throws Brandon X clear out of the ring. Cruz saw the big man coming and powders out of the ring to avoid the chair.

The next match was supposed to be the Upgrade Tyrone Evans and Stormtrooper. Trooper was unable to attend due to illness. Dash Bennett stepped up and took Trooper's place. Bennett proved to be no match for the outstanding wrestling moves of the Upgrade.

Match 7 was Virus against Shiima Xion. Virus was already outnumbered when Shiima entered with the clique. This was another high flying fast paced match. In the end, Virus became the new XWF Inc. cruiserweight champion. At the end of the match Natasha Reign told announcer Tony Summers that the first change is there will only be one manager or valet ring side from then on...not an entire clique. The clique was unhappy and bribes were being offered, but the new co-owner had no interest in what they offered.

XWF Inc. Wrestling - 2/20/05 - Nelson Jordan Center - Wheeling, WV

The event started off with a match, as it was "Night Train" Wes Fetty coming up on the losing end to Mr. X. Mr. X was in trouble at first, but eventually got on the offensive and derailed the Night Train. A handful wrestlers from OCW, NWA-Tri State, MCW, BDW, and IWC (??) ran in and an interpromotional Battle Royal apparently started.

About a 10 man Battle Royal was up next. Thanks to some outside interference by a female assailant, "Dirty" the Clown won the battle royal.

XWF Inc. Commissioner, Naomi Sinclair, came out for her usual spiel and as usual, Jack Blaze interrupted. He claimed to still have CEO powers, but Naomi Sinclair claimed that she and BDW owner Rikk Diamond will defeat Team NBK for the control of wrestling in the Ohio Valley. Blaze mentioned the Storm Trooper, and Troop came out and got in Blaze's face. A stipulation was then made for the 4 way match for the #1 contender's match in that if Storm Trooper won, he'd get 5 minutes with Jack Blaze. The match would start now, as Brian "O" would run in for the attack.

The Storm Trooper won the 4 way #1 Contender's match against "Mr. 8X10" Michael Cruz, Brian "O", and OCW's Cruz Sangria. The match saw the 4 wrestlers breaking up into pairs and battling all throughout the arena. Storm Trooper showed adversity and won the match, to the spite of a very scared Jack Blaze.

Next, it was an intergender tag match between Stacy Hunter/"Syko" Sean Dahmer vs. Kid Cupid/Soul Keeper, which saw Dahmer/Hunter winning when Jason Gory, Shima Xion, and Jason Cage all uniting to help out Hunter/Dahmer by mauling the competitors with chairs and moves using chairs. Hunter, though a female and mostly a manager, actually held her own in this match against males.

Devin Devine lost a "Loser Wears a Dress" match against Dash Bennett. Before the match, Devine stated that he thought he was signing a "get well" card but somehow it was a contract for this match. They fought back and forth, and eventually, Bennett won the match. Afterward, Devine tried to leave the arena but the referees caught him before he left. Devine would appear later in a dress and was forced to announce several of the later matches.

-----INTERMISSION - It had NWA-TNA and indy sensation, Sharkboy, signing autographs and giving photo opportunities to fans.-----

Back from intermission and it was time for Stormtrooper to get his 5 minutes alone in the ring with Jack Blaze. Trooper slapped the bejesus out of Blaze and tossed Blaze on the outside. Trooper then pulled out a shank and proceeded to rip open Blaze's forehead! Blaze was bleeding profusely all over the arena. The 5 minutes had to be cut short, as Blaze was legitimately losing excessive amounts of blood. He was taken to the back for immediate medical attention, and the show was briefly delayed to clean up the blood surrounding the ring.

Back from the short break, we had "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon (w/ Sexy Lexi Lane) defeat Robby Starr in a one on one bout. This match was a technical war, in addition to Starr showing good agility from the top rope. Lane's interference helped lead to the end result of Cannon winning the match.

Jason Gory and Shima Xion, with Jason Cage, Sean Dahmer, and Stacy Hunter at ringside, defeated the team of Jabari and VVD. The crowd was heavily behind Jabari/VVD and into the match, and the match featured a very hot tag with Jabari cleaning house towards the end, but it wasn't enough. Strength in numbers prevailed and Gory/Xion won the match.

The next match saw Jason Cage getting a big win against Sharkboy. The crowd was well into Sharkboy, who was very entertaining throughout the match, including biting Cage with his shark teeth at various points in the match. Cage, though, ended up victorious after a hard fought match and some help from XWF Inc. 2004 Manager of the Year, Stacy Hunter.

The main event saw Stormtrooper defeating then XWF Inc. Champion, Daron Smythe, in a clean one on one encounter. Good technical bout, which saw fans evenly divided between fan favorites, and both competitors did not give an inch. Trooper, though, prevailed in the end off the top rope and pinned Smythe cleanly. After the match, Naomi Sinclair came out to congratulate both Team SIN members for a hard fought match. Stormtrooper shook Daron's hand and got on the mic. Trooper talked about how he came back from Desert Storm, where he did everything he was told while in the military. However, in the end, he was nothing but a "Natural Born Killer" and that prompted him to attack Daron Smythe with the XWF Inc. Heavyweight Title. That would prompt Big Dawg (and the rest of the massive Team NBK - Cage, Gory, Xion, Hunter, Dahmer, Blaze, and Brian "O") to surround the ring and celebrate with the newly turned Stormtrooper. Trooper even embraced Jack Blaze, a person of whom he cut open massively earlier in the evening! Big Dawg boasted about the money he gave Trooper and the show closed off with Michael Cruz getting in Stormtrooper's face while consoling teammate Daron Smythe.

XWF Inc. November 2 Remember - 11/28/04 - Bridgeport Eagles - Bridgeport, OH

The opening bout was for an XWF Inc. contract between Steven Vesneski and Justin Mindbender. Steven Vesneski won the match so he won the XWF Inc. contract.

The second bout was Jason Gory versus XWF Inc. Cruiserweight champion, Shima Xion. Xion, with manager Stacy Hunter, retained the title in what was a hard fought lightweight match with a lot of flashy moves and spots hit.

In the ring, ring announcer Tony Summers introduced XWF Inc. Commissioner, Naomi Sinclair to the ring. She said that she's unable to fend off the XWF Inc. President, the Big Dawg, so she went to another federation for extra help. Rikk Diamond, president of Black Diamond Wrestling, came out to announce his affiliation with Naomi. However, cue En Vogue and Salt N Pepper singing "What a Man" and Jack Blaze made his XWF Inc. return after supposedly retiring for the 3rd time. Despite losing his CEO powers, Blaze announced that he now works for the Big Dawg and two reinstatements were granted by his request. First, it was Bishop Slade, who was suspended by Naomi Sinclair for being too dangerous around fans with broken beer bottles. Slade would later make a big challenge to Storm Trooper for the next XWF Inc. event for a match where Slade promised to "kill" Trooper. The second reinstatement was Brian O, the first ever XWF Inc. Heavyweight Champion who was stripped of the title and suspended by Naomi Sinclair after being unable to attend a show.

The next match was Karlton Kaz/Devin Devine (billed as Spiffy Express) against Dean Radford/Dash Bennett. The Spiffy Express worked on Dash Bennett before making the hot tag for Radford to clean house. However, the match ended with Radford getting taped to a turnbuckle and being unable to save a pinned Dash Bennett.

Daron Smythe came out to an interview with Tony Summers, and explained how he's for professional wrestling and Michael Cruz is for sports entertainment. That would prompt "Mr. 8X10" Michael Cruz to come out (with valet Ralene) and get into a war or words with Smythe. Their match would later become an XWF Inc. Heavyweight Title versus Black Diamond Wrestling Heavyweight Title, which Daron Smythe currently holds.


Daron Smythe defeated "Mr. 8X10" Michael Cruz to become the new XWF Inc. Heavyweight Champion, thus possibly unifying the XWF Inc. and Black Diamond Wrestling titles. The match happened unexpectedly after intermission, and the match ended with Daron Smythe overpowering Michael Cruz with many devastating kicks to the head. After the match, Michael Cruz gave Smythe his props... but that would prompt Big Dawg and his Team NBK to hit the ring and question Cruz's actions. They would then turn on Cruz, leaving him for dead. However, Storm Trooper would save the day and a rejuvenated Daron Smythe would fend off Team NBK. After this incident, a 6-man tag match was then made for later that night.

The next match was a 3 way bout between Jason Cage (w/ Stacy Hunter), Violent Vance Desmond (VVD), and Zippy. Quite the war between VVD and Cage, while Zippy took some severe punishment. Cage and VVD hinted at an alliance for the match, but that was quickly nixed when the two couldn't co-exist. VVD won the match by pinning Zippy.

The next bout was Jabari vs. Kid Cupid. Before the match, Stacy Hunter (with Ralene) introduced Cupid as her new large wrestler to crush Jabari. It was probably Jabari's toughest opponent, as he was unable to slam the large Kid Cupid. Just as Jabari was about to win the match, just reinstated Bishop Slade came down and attacked Kid Cupid and then attacked an unsuspecting Jabari, while also knocking out the referee. After this chaos, Kid Cupid put his arm over Jabari to get the pin with a new referee running down.

The main event was Storm Trooper/Daron Smythe/Michael Cruz vs. Syko Sean Dahmer/Brandon X/Brian O, with all managers, valets, and whomever else banned from ringside. The teams went back and forth, but the end result saw Smythe, Cruz, and Trooper unexpectedly co-existing to defeat Team NBK. After the match, Cruz, Smythe, and Trooper celebrated with BDW President, Rikk, to end the show.

XWF Inc. Bloody Mayhem - 10/31/04 - Bridgeport Eagles - Bridgeport, OH

Before the show, current West Virginia governor Bob Wise stopped by the wrestling area. He went to the XWF Inc. locker room to greet the wrestlers, and he waved to the fans as he left to go upstairs for a John Kerry rally. Wise is retiring as governor, opting not to seek re-election for another term. Whether you agree with his job performance or not, we here at XWF Inc. wish him the best of luck in his future political endeavors.

Ring announcer and hero to many, Tony Summers (partial thanks to him for the results!!!), hit the ring for opening announcements. He was soon joined by Naomi Sinclair. Before she could say much, Stacy Hunter came out to confront her, and threats for later that night were soon exchanged.

"Bloody Mayhem" started the night off with a hot tag match that saw Kano and Joshua Biggs defeating Jabari (w/ Stacy Hunter) and Shima Xion after Hunter accidentally Jabari with a steel chair, enabling Kano to pick up a win to the shock of Xion and Hunter. The match featured Biggs fighting for the hot tag, with an assortment of unique moves between Kano and Xion, while Jabari brought his unusual offense. After the match, Stacy Hunter kicked a wounded Jabari on the ground, thus ceasing their relationship. Hunter walked back with Xion while Jabari apparently needed medical attention. XWF Commissioner Naomi Sinclair then came out and aided Jabari, but low and behold, Stacy Hunter came back out with a chair and attacked Naomi! Naomi would end up suffering a leg injury from this incident!

The next bout was a 3 way match that had Flawless stealing a win from Eddie Insane to make the pin on Zippy. Eddie Insane, the larger and arguably stronger of the 3, seemed to command most of the match and everything was pointing in his direction to win it. However, Flawless knocked Eddie Insane out of position and defeated Zippy instead of Insane.

Next bout featured Daron Smythe and "the Upgrade" Tyrone Evans defeating the Stud managed duo of Carlton Kaz and "Syko" Sean Dahmer. Entertaining bout, which featured plenty of crazy antics by Kaz and a nice blend of action, despite different wrestling styles, with the Stud rooting on his troops and taunting the fans on the outside. Daron Smythe made the pin after performing a flipping move off the top rope.

----INTERMISSION - Costume contest between the dressed up children, with XWF Inc. wrestlers interacted with fans and plenty of merchandise at the tables to check out.----

The next bout was a rematch from the last official XWF Inc. event, "Fall Brawl 2", but this time, it was non-title with American Eagle scoring the pin on Michael "8X10" Cruz with a Death Valley Driver. Cruz was presenting us with a brand new valet (name not available at the moment) and acted insulted that he'd have to fight a rematch with the Eagle. The Eagle, though, came out and aggressively went after 8X10 throughout the match until he ultimately pinned Cruz. After the match, though, Cruz got on the mic and insisted that his foot was under the ropes. Usual wrestling rules state that any foot on or breaking the plane of the ropes is considered a break on the pin. An angered Eagle responded to the accusation swiftly, letting Cruz have it with his own title belt!

Dash Bennett and the Storm Trooper defeated Brandon X and "Killer" Kris Cole in a tag team match with featured plenty of interference by manager Fresh and brawling on the outside. The match ended with Dash Bennett proving his "PWI 500" honor by pinning Cole cleanly, while Storm Trooper kept Brandon X busy with violent brawling, with weapons, on the outside

Next, it was a match to remember with Stacy Hunter/Lady Victoria versus Angel Williams/Naomi Sinclair, a "Diva" tag team match. Our thanks to Victoria and Angel for making the trip, as both looked fantastic and worked well in the ring for what was a hellacious match! Naomi, as you remember, was nursing an injured knee set forth by Stacy Hunter earlier in the night. Naomi didn't want to wrestle, but XWF President, Big Dawg, entered and forced Naomi to wrestle. However, acting as XWF Inc. Commissioner, Naomi summoned her replacement... "Super" Oprah Mustafa a.k.a. Jabari would make a huge entrance, dressed in full drag and with a whig to become Angel Williams new partner. What would then happen was one of the most unique bouts that the Ohio Valley has seen. "Oprah" and Stacy went at each other good, namely after Stacy turned on Jabari earlier in the night. Angel and Jabari would score the win, although they had to earn it against very feisty opponents.

Having a tough act to follow, the 5 on 5, all titles on the line, main event between Team Sin (American Eagle, Kano, Daron Smythe, Storm Trooper, and Upgrade Tyrone Evans) versus Team Natural Born Killers or NBK (Mr. 8X10 Michael Cruz, Brandon X, Syko Sean Dahmer, Carlton Kaz, and Shima Xion) delivered with an action packed match that became increasingly hard for referee Bruce Gray to call. Wrestlers would either attack each other in the ring, cause mass chaos on the outside while wrecking the arena, among many other things. First pin would win the match, and the match ended when Team NBK members piled on Daron Smythe to make the final cover to allow Team NBK to win the match! After the match, Big Dawg said that he would hold up the "titles on the line" stipulation and he declared Shima Xion the brand new XWF Inc. Cruiserweight Champion (assuming the absent Virus would have been on Team Sin). A very upset and angry Daron Smythe then got on the mic and made a one on one challenge to XWF Inc. World Champion Michael Cruz for the next XWF Inc. event.

XWF Inc. Benefit Show - 10/9/04 - Tyler County High School - Middlebourne, WV

The show started off with XWF Inc. CEO Jack Blaze coming out and thanking everyone for attending the benefit show and giving a salute to the cause. Blaze then got back to business and took shots at XWF Inc. commissioner Naomi Sinclair, which prompted her to come out to respond to Blaze. Sinclair slaps Blaze silly and leaves the ring.

Tony Summers introduced former XWF Inc. superstar and now NWA-TNA wrestler Brian O. Brian O complained about being stripped of his XWF Inc. championship and how he's still champ! This would prompt Naomi to respond again, defending the reason why Brian O was stripped. Sinclair said that the former XWF Inc. champ would be a referee tonight since he didn't defend his XWF Inc. belt while he was champion.

The Pimpster defeated Jock Rock with a frogsplash in a match that featured a lot of chain wrestling.

An upset Brian O grabs the mic and demands for the World Champion, Mr. 8X10 Michael Cruz, to come out. Cruz comes out and after some jabs at each other, one half of the XWF Inc. tag champions, King Tut, comes out and tells both Cruz and Brian O that at 305 lbs, he's the only true heavyweight in XWF Inc. All 3 wrestlers start to brawl. Since Cruz was wrestling Severn, this prompted King Tut to challenge Brian O to a match!

Zippy defeated the Invader. Zippy was said to have heavily entertained the crowd with his crazy antics and high risk moves.


King Tut defeated Brian O in a match that mixed chain wrestling and power moves.

Next, it was the "Hot Spot" with Jack Blaze. His guest was former UFC fighter, WWF wrestler, and NWA Champion Dan Severn. At the end of the segment, Cruz interferes and gets in Severn's face. Cruz then makes the main event into a XWF Inc. World Title match (it was previously non-title).

"Mr. 8X10" Michael Cruz successfully defended his XWF World Championship over UFC legend Dan "The Beast" Severn. The Beast thought he pinned Cruz for the XWF title after he delivered his modified over the head reverse slam, but due to Naomi Sinclair hitting 8X10 in the head to cause him the match, Jack "Hotter Than Hot" Blaze came out (still as acting CEO of the company) reversed the decision, thus awarding Mr.8X10 Michael Cruz still the XWF Champion via disqualification.

End of show... thanks to every wrestler and fan who came out for this benefit show!

XWF Inc. Fall Brawl 2 - 9/26/04 - Bridgeport Eagles - Bridgeport, OH

The event started off with CEO Tony Summers laying out the ground rules for the fans. He then introduced announcer and demoted CEO Jack Blaze. Instead of the usual feuding and bickering, Blaze gave Tony Summers props and shook Tony's hand. Blaze wished Tony the best as the new CEO. Blaze then introduced the first match...

Match #1 saw Diamond Dust Donovan/Flawless defeat the team of Kano/Tyrone Evans. Evans and Kano were accompanied to the ring by the Stud, who helped stir trouble throughout the match, even taking a few shots by the opposing team. Evans and Kano were larger than Diamond Dust and Flawless, hitting an assortment of powermoves, but the smaller Diamond Dust and Flawless pulled out the victory.

Before Jack Blaze introduced the next match, he seemed distracted by a member in the audience. He alerted security and seemed very distraught by the situation.

Match #2 had the newly reformed Premiere Players (Daron Smythe and Dash Bennett) taking on Jabari/Syko Sean Dahmer in a hot tag match. Jabari, as usual, was escorted by Stacy Hunter and she stirred up a bunch of trouble with the opposing team, even to the point where Daron Smythe chopped her! The tag match was eventually interrupted by many XWF Inc. wrestlers running into the ring, causing instant havoc! Big Dawg and Naomi Sinclair tried to calm down the situation, but Sinclair was met and fought with Stacy Hunter! Catfight! Big Dawg, XWF Inc. President, calmed things down and said that at the next XWF Inc. Event in Bridgeport (October 31st), there will be a final 5 on 5 showdown between Team Bad (Jack Blaze's group) and Team Sin (Naomi Sinclair's group) where everything, gold included, would be on the line!

Next, Jack Blaze had a few words, while seeming to be distracted by a female audience member. Blaze was remorseful in his moves as CEO, but offered excuses for his firings. He said that "Even Colder" Mike Austin was fired because the WWE was very close to suing XWF Inc. for gimmick infringement. Brian O was fired so that he could move to bigger things (NWA-TNA, for instance). Blaze offered congrats to Viscera and Gangrel for their WWE return. He then gave more props to new CEO, Tony Summers for providing wrestlers for the next match involving several known superstars throughout wrestling.

Match #3 saw Sterling James/Chris Hambrick defeat Frankie Kazarian/Evan Karagias with a chain. Hambrick tried to cheat several times, but was almost caught and his opponent also kicked out of another attempt. Kazarian was the "face in peril" for most of the match, before finally tagging in Karagias. However, once the chain was out, Hambrick eventually scored the win for his team.

Blaze, still distraught by the unknown female, introduced Naomi Sinclair. Sinclair talked about the next XWF Inc. event in Bridgeport, OH on October 31st. Kids may dress up if they'd like. This segment also plugged the XWF Inc. event in Middlebourne, WV on October 9th. Before Naomi speak any further, a revengeful Stacy Hunter ran in and attacked Naomi! She stomped her down good!


Before Jack Blaze could announce the next match, the female in the audience tried to approach Blaze in a vicious and attacking manner. Blaze wanted nothing to do with this female and had security quickly escorted her out of the arena! Blaze then apologized for the incident that everyone just witnessed and apologized to CEO Tony Summers as well.

Match #4 was Devin Devine versus Brandon X. Devin seemed to have the advantage early on because of the discourse between Brandon X's managers, the Time Traveler and Fresh. Those managers were still upset of the events of the last event. It eventually caused Brandon X to end the distraction and attack the Time Traveler, leaving Fresh as his sole manager. It seemed to work, as Fresh's distractions and cheats, along with Brandon X's use of the ropes for the final pin, enabled Brandon X do defeat Devin Devine in a close singles match.

Before announcing the next match, Jack Blaze again apologized for letting problems in his personal life enter into a wrestling event. Apologized to CEO Tony Summers, again.

Match #5 saw a NEW XWF Inc. Cruiserweight champion with Virus defeating the Unknown in a high speed bout. Both wrestlers knew each other well, so they had counters for their moves and they threw everything they had at each other in attempt to win. They even fought throughout a section of seats. This was Virus's night, as he pulled off the huge victory and became the NEW Cruiserweight champion!

Jack Blaze came out for a special edition of the "Hot Spot". He said to show his appreciation for the fans, he'd let a lucky fan come up to the ring and be the special guest. Somehow, the mystery female entered the arena and wanted to be the special guest! Blaze eventually permitted her to enter the ring. She would take the mic, as we'd learn her name is "Sheila" and that she has a past with Jack Blaze. She apparently had a child with Jack Blaze 5 years ago and Blaze has been avoiding her ever since. Blaze said she won't get a dime out of him for child support! She then slapped him, and the Personal Assistant also slapped him! This chaos then prompted XWF Inc. President, the Big Dawg and XWF Inc. CEO, Tony Summers to hit the ring! Big Dawg took charge of the situation and immediately addressed the CEO situation from the last event. Big Dawg then stunned everyone by offering Jack Blaze his CEO position BACK. Blaze, at first, was hesitant to accept, but soon said "oh hell yes" and accepted his CEO job back. Blaze would then threaten now demoted Tony Summers that he'd address him after the show. Blaze then turns his attention to the Personal Assistant, threatening her with a termination unless she gets on her knees and begs. The Personal Assistant couldn't resist the power of the dark side and went immediately back with Blaze, thus angering "Sheila" and angering Naomi Sinclair, who came out in anger and mentioned the Team Sin vs. Team Bad match that will happen on October 31st! Phew! Blaze would then request the main event to happen right now!

The MAIN EVENT saw Michael "8X10" Cruz defeating American Eagle to become the NEW XWF Inc. World Champion! Cruz was escorted by the Princess, who turned on the crowd the whole match with her very revealing clothing. Eagle and Cruz went back and forth, matching move for move and brawling on the outside. Cruz even took a moment to embarrass Eagle with a photo opp! It seemed to be an even match until referee Bruce Gray was accidentally knocked out. When Michael "8X10" went for the pin, newly named CEO Jack Blaze grabbed the referee's arms and counted 1, 2, 3. New champion, as Blaze headed to the ring to celebrate.

However, Michael Cruz had other ideas about Jack Blaze. Cruz said he wanted to ditch his "8X10" gimmick, saying that he no longer needed a gimmick to be successful in XWF Inc. He also said he didn't need Blaze, and Cruz showed a show of sportsmanship by picking up the defeated American Eagle for a salute for the whole crowd. Fooling the crowd once again, Cruz then turned on American Eagle and said "I'm Michael FUCKING 8X10 Cruz!!!" and began to truly celebrate with Jack Blaze. They celebrated off into the sunset before CEO Jack Blaze could tell XWF Inc. fans what was to become of now demoted Tony Summers.

XWF Inc. Summer Xtreme Bash - 8/28/2004 - Bridgeport Eagles - Bridgeport, OH

-Jason Thunder defeated Virus in a hot opener of a cruiserweight match.

-Hot Spot with Jack Blaze featured Naomi Sinclair as his guest. Blaze had a new personal assistant, who introduced Blaze for this segment. Naomi announced that Blaze had been demoted and replacing Jack Blaze as XWF Inc. CEO was none other than Tony Summers. Tony announced that Jack Blaze will become the new ring announcer and that he must follow a dress code of dress shirt, tie, slacks, and dress shoes and that Blaze had 5 minutes to find whatever he could to announce the next match.

-Daron Smythe/Tony Galloway defeated Jabari/Psycho Sean Dahmer. Jabari's knee was hurt during the match.

-Storm Trooper defeated Michael "8X10" Cruz violent Barbed Wire match. Trooper won after a series of hard slams and a Tombstone on a chair. Both competitors were bloody. After the match, former ECW wrestler New Jack entered the ring and unleashed a massive beatdown on Storm Trooper. Apparently, New Jack has had some heat with Trooper in another territory. New Jack then cut a great promo on Jack Blaze afterward and proceeded to tell XWF fans he'll sign autographs and take pictures during intermission.

INTERMISSION - Most of the XWF Inc. wrestlers and New Jack signed everything and took pictures with any fan who asked.

-Jason Cage/Sabotage defeated Spyral/Unknown in a tag team match.

-A controversial no-decision occurred during the 3-way over-the-top-rope-elimination match between champion American Eagle, Big Anthony Alexander, and Brandon X. The chaos on the outside created by the managers (Stud, Time Traveller, etc.) enabled the referee to miss seeing all 3 wrestlers falling over the top rope at the same time. A no-decision was then rendered by the referee.

-In the main event, Bishop Slade defeated Van Hughes in a First Blood match. Bishop eventually got Hughes to bleed after hitting him with various weapons, including broken beer bottles.

NOTE FROM ROB: Apologies in advance for incomplete past results. Results weren't regularly updated or well kept previously. However, as you can see by the last event, things are changing... The following past results are from the old webpage, reworded and edited, with a few personal notes added. Sorry for the inconvenience!

XWF Inc. Over the Edge 2004 - 1/24/04 - Bridgeport Eagles - Bridgeport, OH

-XWF Inc. held 2 four-way Cruiserweight bouts, with the winner of each wrestling a one on one match at the next event for the XWF Inc. Cruiserweight title. The Unknown won the first 4 way, while VVD won the second. Both were exciting bouts (Unknown, at the next event, would win the Cruiserweight title!)

-Jack Blaze came out for his famous "Hot Spot" segment. His interview was with NWA-TNA's David Flair and Scotty O. Later in the segment, Michael "8X10" Cruz came out and challenged the two for a tag team match!

-XWF Inc.'s Tag Champions, Xtreme Pain, retained their titles against Jeff Cannon and Daron Smythe.

-Tony Summers interviewed Storm Trooper next. However, Xtreme Pain had whatever beef with Trooper and attacked him! This promps Bishop Slade, K9, and Bounce to come out to the rescue, along with Twisted Youth to help out Xtreme Pain. Trooper, Slade, K9, and Bounce destroyed the other wrestlers with trash cans and light bulbs. This may have been turned into a match, and if it was, it was ruled a Double Disqualification.

-Jack Blaze came out with his bodyguard Dick Nasty and he called out XWF Inc. Commissioner Naomi Sinclair for "some answers". When Blaze didn't get what he wanted, he sent out Dick Nasty to use some muscle on Naomi. This prompted "Even Colder" Mike Austin to run out and destroy both Blaze and Nasty. Naomi then gets in a few shots and FIRES Jack Blaze right on the spot! (Note: Big Dawg would rehire Blaze at the next event as XWF Inc. CEO)

-XWF Inc. Champion Brian O defeated NWA-TNA's Original Sinn. This would be Brian O's last title shot before leaving the company and he'd be immediately stripped at the next event.

-The main event saw David Flair and Scotty O defeating Sweet Stevie Lee and Michael "8X10" Cruz in an exciting tag match.

XWF Inc. Event Results - 11/22/03 - Bridgeport Eagles - Bridgeport, OH

-The opening bout saw the Unknown defeating Virus, Jason Thunder, and another wrestler in a 4 way Cruiserweight bout.

-Storm Trooper defeated Michael Blade in a violent "Singapore Cane Match".

-"Double K" Kris Kidman defeated Prodigy with a controversial ending and a pin from a schoolboy style roll up. Double K was accompanied to the ring by Michael "8X10" Cruz and the Stud, so you can imagine the interference!

-A Fatal 4 way between heavyweights was helld between Vance Desmond, Apollo, Jeff Cannon, and King Tut. Tut won via pinfall after a double chokeslam.

-Brian O defeated Michael "8X10" Cruz to become the FIRST EVER XWF Inc. World Champion with the O-Driver. This is despite various attempts by two of Cruz's managers, the Stud and Time Traveller, attempting to help.

-The main event saw former WWF star Viscera defeating Sweet Stevie Lee with a sitdown powerbomb.

XWF Inc. Event Results - 9/25/03 - Martins Ferry, OH

-The Double K Kris Kidman defeated Prodigy by disqualification, thanks to interference by Mr. 8X10, Michael Cruz.

-The Milwaukee Mauler defeated former WWF superstar "Doink" the Clown by pinfall.

-Powerhouse Hughes defeated King Tut via knockout in what was an impromptu boxing match.

-Brian O defeated Michael Blade in a tables match.

-The Unknown defeated Virus by pinfall.

-Prodigy and Michael "8X10" Cruz defeated Double K Kris Kidman and Brian O in a tag match. This would set up a first ever XWF Inc. World Title match at the next event between Cruz and Brian O.

-The Main Event saw Storm Trooper defeat Van Hughes in a "10,000 thumbtack match" with Bishop Slade as the special guest referee.

XWF Inc. Event Results - 3/20/03 - Bellaire High School Gym - Bellaire, OH

-King Tut won the opening bout against ??? in what was called a "Dark Match" before the taping.

-Commissioner Naomi Sinclair came out to the ring and she had an apparent problem with Brian O. After several harsh words against each other, Brian O wrestled a match and Naomi kept changing match stipulations and restarting the match whenever Brian O seemed to win. This ended up costing Brian O the match. After Brian O gave Naomi some lip after his match, "Even Colder" Mike Austin came out to the ring and attacked Brian O with ever inch of his life!

-T-Rantula wrestled ???.

-A tag match between 2 wrestlers against a Hillbilly tag team was next, and I believe the Hillbilly team lost? It's been a while...

-Lord Zoltan vs. "Doink" the Clown was up next, with Doink believed to have won the match. Lord Zoltan oddly had a big following, while Doink was sure to squirt water on that following with a high-powered squirtgun.

INTERMISSION - Jim Duggan, Doink the Clown, Viscera, and Mike Austin all signed autographs or took pictures with fans, while a local band called "Menace Blindfold" played for a few minutes.

-Michael "8X10" Cruz/Dick Flanagan defeated Original Sinn/Evil Elvis to become the first ever XWF Inc. Tag Team Champions in a thrilling tag match!

-Viscera defeated Sweet Stevie Lee with his devastating double arm chokeslam. Stevie Lee had another wrestler encouraging him, but it didn't matter against 500 pounds of Viscera.

-"Hacksaw Jim Duggan" defeated the Cuban Assassin in the main event. The fans were fully behind Jim Duggan with heavy USA chants.