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From the office of the XWF Inc. CEO, Big Dawg: -XWF will return sometime in November 2005.

-The next event location is likely to be in Moundsville, WV.

-"Mr. 8X10" Michael Cruz and XWF Inc. Commissioner Naomi Sinclair have officially handed in their resignations.

-Chewy and King Tut, XWF Inc. Tag Champions for well over 2 years now, have been officially stripped of the Tag Titles. The titles have been declared "up for grabs".

-XWF Inc. is not dead and gone as some outsiders have suggested. X has only taken a brief period of time off to re-organize, re-shuffle the deck, and hope to take another crack at entertaining the Ohio Valley with quality indendent wrestling.

Congrats to independent sensation, Angel Williams, for signing a WWE developmental contract recently.

Angel Williams wrestled for XWF Inc. on October 31st, 2004 at the "Bloody Mayhem" event, tagging up with Jabari (Super Oprah Mustafa) to defeat Stacy Hunter and Lady Victoria in a classic and entertaining Divas/mixed wrestling match. She was on the winning end with Jabari and looked quite impressive in the ring; both on ability and looks!

Best of luck to Angel in her hopes and dreams of making the WWE roster. She'd become a great addition to the RAW women's wrestling division

In addition to Gangrel's recent Smackdown stop and Viscera getting signed with the WWE, several other former XWF Inc. wrestlers have been getting some action in the nation's top promotions: WWE and NWA-TNA.

Brian "O", XWF Inc.'s very first Heavyweight Champion, recently appeared on NWA-TNA Impact on September 15th wrestling against Abyss. Brian O just recently returned for a few XWF Inc. shows as well.

Violent Vance Desmond (VVD) appeared on the December 3rd edition of NWA-TNA Impact.

"Sweet" Stevie Lee, wrestling under Steven Lane, took on Viscera on an edition of Sunday Night Heat. These two have wrestled in XWF Inc. against each other before.

Best to luck to all 3 individuals!

XWF Inc. attend Bridgeport Parade

On Sunday, December 5th, XWF Inc. wrestlers took part in the Bridgeport, OH Christmas parade. The parade began at 2 pm, and various XWF Inc. personalities, in conjunction with several Black Diamond Wrestling performers, participated in the Christmas parade. The parade was considered a success by the city of Bridgeport and XWF Inc. was honored to be a part of it!

Gangrel and Viscera return to the WWE!

Great news for Viscera and Gangrel, two performers who appeared at past XWF Inc. shows. They've apparently signed to help out John "Bradshaw" Layfield in his feud with the Undertaker. The WWE FINALLY tapped into the fact that Bradshaw and the Undertaker used to work together as the Ministry and later Corporate Ministry. They ran an angle where Bradshaw and Orlando Jordan attacked the Undertaker, only to have both Gangrel and Viscera run down to join them for a massive beatdown on the Deadman!

Viscera was an official member of the Ministry, while Gangrel was an associate and he used his Brood (Edge and Christian) stable to help the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 15.

We here at XWF Inc. wish both Gangrel and Viscera the VERY BEST with their new spots in the WWE!