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Media Articles Review of Bloody Mayhem by Mr. Tito

"-Man, Independent Wrestling is getting RED HOT in the Ohio Valley. Look, this area doesn't have much. But, there are two indy feds who tour around here regularly that are keeping the local wrestling fans entertained. The WWE rarely comes to Wheeling, WV now and when they do, it's just for a houseshow. Anyway, I caught Xtreme Wrestling Federation Inc.'s show on Sunday night and it was one of their bests. They had an extremely entertaining Divas match, which saw one of my favorite local Indy performers named Jabari dressing up as a Diva named "Oprah Mustafa" (when Jabari was a heel, we chanted "Oprah" at him). Check out the pictures on their webpage I have linked and see for yourself.

The show had strong tag team wrestling throughout the night, making me wonder "where's the tag titles"? In addition, I enjoyed the chaos of the 5 on 5 main event, and it was a lot of fun... but I would have preferred a more Survivor Series format. Just my opinion, as the main event was still very good. If you're ever in the Eastern Ohio area, namely along the Ohio-West Virginia border around Wheeling, WV, check out XWF Inc. They're more of a mix of everything in wrestling, from pure workrate to sports entertainment to some occasional hardcore stuff. I recommend it!" Review of Fall Brawl 2 by Mr. Tito

"-Nothing like a good independent show to cheer me up, though..... On Sunday evening, I saw XWF Inc.'s "Fall Brawl 2" in Bridgeport, OH. Overall, it was another great show following what I thought was their best event at Summer Xtreme Bash in August. Wrestling promoters out there HAVE to see XWF Inc.'s Jack Blaze. He's truly a great commodity in terms of drawing heat, mic skills, and actions! He pulled a great swerve on the audience throughout the show and his actions, facial expressions, and words were convincing leading up to the swerve. If I were a wrestling promoter, Jack Blaze is definitely a guy I want on my roster. He's got a lot of sleeze that Eric Bischoff, in addition to other intangibles that makes Blaze something special.

Very well worked Cruiserweight championship between Unknown and Virus. I was almost killed a few times when they went through the crowd. I really liked the Jabari/Syko Sean Dahmer vs. Daron Smythe/Dash Bennett tag match before the massive run-in ended the match. Jabari is quickly becoming a favorite wrestler of mine to watch, as he's a large individual but he moves like a cat! He's probably 6'4" maybe 275 lbs or more, and yet he's agile off the top rope and can hit a devastating rolling thunder, in addition to nasty power moves he can hit. Here's Jabari jumping off the tope rope (picture from XWF Inc.'s webpage - (Picture shown)

Good lord, and the thud he made on the canvas was devastating! Several independent, NWA-TNA, or former WCW/ECW wrestlers stopped by for the show. Evan Karagias, formerly of WCW, tagged up with Frankia Kazarian to take on former ECW wrestler Chris Hambrick and independent star Sterling James. Good stuff, as they appeared on the day of the show as a bonus. Big congrats to Michael "8X10" Cruz for winning the XWF Inc. championship, as well, in addition to XWF Inc. promoter, the Big Dawg, for another strong, overall show. Check out their website at" Review of Summer Xtreme Bash by Mr. Tito

"Welcome back, everyone, to the one and ONLY Wrath of Tito. I was about to write this weekend, given that I had already witness a whole shitload of wrestling by the time Saturday evening hit. That's right, I watched Smackdown, actually caught NWA-TNA Impact, and I caught an independent show from XWF Inc.. At the XWF Inc. show, I met one of my favorite ECW stars of all time.

-I met, took a picture with, and got an autograph by New Jack, one of my favorite ECW wrestlers of all time. He was one of the nicest professional wrestlers that I've ever met in person. He came out during a barbed wire match and destroyed one of the wrestlers in the match. Then, he got on the microphone, cut a pretty nice promo, and said that during the intermission, I'll sign whatever you want me to or take pictures. Sure enough, during intermission, he came out, signed whatever you asked and took pictures with you. Very nice guy to talk to. The poor guy, though, has nothing but hamburger on his forehead from his blading all of these years during his matches.

But regardless, New Jack is someone who makes you proud that you pay money for wrestling tickets, videos, or spend time every week watching their shows. I watched New Jack closely from 1996-1997 before my UPN station decided to lift ECW's infomercial after some foul language complaints. I remember how shocked I was when he took his first balcony dive and the many other dives thereafter. When you heard "Natural Born Killers", you knew the shit was about to hit the fan. I loved the many 3 way matches between the Gangstas, Dudleys, and Eliminators. It was great when New Jack would run to the ring with a trashcan full of weapons and hurl them into the ring. But once you heard Ice Cube and Dr. Dre on the loud speakers, it made you instantly pumped and you knew that you were getting your money's worth.

-I saw New Jack on Saturday when I attended the XWF Inc. independent show, and it was one of the best shows I've seen. Before I review the show, my apologies go out to the promoter of the fed. I once got nasty with one a show review of theirs just because I thought it was Jimmy Hart's XWF company that he formed in 2001 shortly after WCW folded. Jim Duggan and Viscera were a part of that show, so I was thinking this was a part of Jimmy Hart's organization. Given that I didn't like the way Jimmy Hart's XWF was run, I got a little extra nasty on a show review that I did. I have been to almost every XWF Inc. show since then and I have enjoyed them thoroughly, as I have reported in THIS column. Just wanted to clear the air, if you we'll... It's a great fed and if you're in the Eastern Ohio or Northern Panhandle of West Virginia areas, it's worth checking out.

The show featured some great tag team wrestling, a really hot Cruiserweight opener (Jason Thunder vs. Virus), 2 very violent matches with blood, barbedwire, broken beer bottles, chairs, and New Jack running in on one match, and a World Title 3 way over-the-top-rope elimination type match that ended in controversy (via Luger and Bret, Royal Rumble 1993, only with 3 people). My best wishes goes to Michael "8X10" Cruz for taking a painful tombstone off the end of a steel chair. I cringed when I saw him take that move ( 8X10 is a great heel gimmick, in my opinion). Speaking of heels, you gotta see this one heel personality named Jack "Hotter than Hot" Blaze. He cuts a great promo and his heel reactions to heckling crowds are priceless. XWF Inc. also has a pretty good commissioner named Naomi Sinclair, and please check out her website.

Overall, an awesome independent show by XWF Inc. and I got to meet New Jack. A very satisfying day as a wrestling fan."