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Naomi Sinclair

WEIGHT: Top Secret :)
TITLES HELD: XWF Inc. Commissioner

BIO: Naomi Sinclair has been the XWF Inc. commissioner for years now and while she looks like a million bucks, she's a force for the wrestlers to reckon with! Whether it's Brian O, Jack Blaze, or Michael Cruz, she doesn't take shit from anybody! She has been, by far, the most dominant female AND executive in XWF Inc..

However, there was some tension between Big Dawg and Naomi. Big Dawg, who named Jack Blaze at XWF Inc. CEO, sided with Blaze and slammed Naomi hard in the ring. Naomi's ongoing hatred for Blaze gave her an opening to fire Blaze as CEO from a false retirement, which left Big Dawg very upset with his voluptuous commissioner.

(Partial Credit to Namomi's Official Website)