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Oct/November 05 News

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Talks right now are that SVW will hold their next show sometime after the new year, mainly for purposes such as the holiday season and weather factors. Keep checking back, as updates on the date and such will be available.

Wednesday November 23, 2005

The results for the November 20th show have been posted. A little more is yet to be added but you still have all the results nonetheless. The show went exceptionally well and we want to thank you all for showing your support, and we hope you guys, the fans, will be at our next outing. I have no information yet on the next upcoming show, but I will keep you posted.

Thursday November 17, 2005

This just in...It has been announced that the partner for Eddie Insane in his SVW tag team tournament match will be Justin Sane.

Tuesday November 8, 2005

More talent has been added for the November 20th show, those of which names include Unknown, Virus, Eddie Insane, Dash Bennett, Storm Trooper, Stacy Hunter, and the Time Traveller. Also, rather than Scotty Sabre (O) taking on "Double AA" Anthony Alexander to meet Dash Bennett and Storm Trooper at another show, Mr. Big has announced that it will now be Scotty Sabre vs "Double AA" Anthony Alexander vs Dash Bennett vs Stormtrooper for the SVW Heavyweight Championship.

Wednesday November 2, 2005

I'd like to add something to the X archives. Jot down a memory you have from the X and email it to me at The thought can be comedic or serious and it can be from a match, story line or anything like that. An example (as far from the X as you can get) would be something like "Vader falling down when exiting the ring on raw last Monday". Email it to me and I'll post it up. Be sure to add your name along with it. Thanks

Monday October 31, 2005

As Mr. Big has promised, the XWF Inc archives section has been added. Also, the message board has been acting up, as most can tell. The problem will be resolved soon.

Friday October 28, 2005

The card for the November show has been posted. You can view it by Clicking Here.

Wednesday October 26, 2005

Obviously there has been a lot that has occurred so I'm going to attempt a run down. October 14, 2005, then owner and promoter of XWF Inc, Big Dawg, announced the resignation of his position and that the promotion was going under new ownership/management. He continued by thanking everyone (especially you guys, the fans) for the support and all the memories that he had aquired over the 4 years with the business. October 18, 2005, Mr. Big makes an appearance on The Indy Message Board announcing he's taking the reigns of the company and his first act was doing a tribute show in memorial of "Sweet" Stevie Lee. October 22, 2005, Mr. Big changes the promotions name from XWF Inc to Steel Valley Wrestling. He decides to honor the current XWF title holders as the current SVW champions. October 26, 2005, Mr. Big announces there will be a tournament held to officially crown the first set of SVW tag champions.