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July 23, 2006

Match 1
Justin Sane defeated Jason Gory in a "Loser Leaves SVW" match and wins the Cruiserweight title

Match 2
Truth Martin, Jeff Brooks, and "The Drunken Luchador" Joey Cuervo defeated Buddy Wilson, "The Glam-Rock Man" Nikki Skidds, and Eozbee

Match 3
Gay defeated The Magnificent Masked Superstars

Match 4
Van Hughes defeated Night Train

Match 5
Justin Sane and Zack Gowen defeated Jason Gory and "The Ideal" Billy Glander

Match 6
"Sexy" Lexi Lane defeated Jessica Havoc

Match 7
Robbie Star defeated Michael Blade

Match 8
New Jack defeated "Mr 8x10" Michael Cruz