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February 12, 2006

Note: I don't have full details, but I'll post match highlights when I can. - Ches

Match 1
Tony Galloway defeated The Snake Man Daren Michaels

Match 2
Justin Sane vs Sugar Steve Flash
I'll have this result tomorrow - Ches

Match 3
Skott Vicious defeated Doink the Clown

Match 4
"The Ideal" Billy Glander defeated "Double K" Kris Kidman and Zippy

Match 5
The Status Symbols defeated Joe Joe Little and Todd Richards to advance in the SVW Tag Team Title Tournament.

Match 6
Carlton Kaz defeated Michael Blade to become the #1 contender for the SVW Heavyweight Title

Match 7
"Hot Property" Jason Cage defeated Jason Gory to retain his SVW Cruiserweight Title

Match 8
As the referee's decision, Brandon X vs "Mr. 8x10" Michael Cruz was a no contest

Main Event
"Double AA" Anthony Alexander defeated Carlton Kaz to retain his SVW Heavyweight Title. The Patriot entered the ring, did a number on Double AA and managed to score the victory, but the victory was short lived, as CEO J. Kruze entered, stating that the champ coundn't defend the title twice in one night, and awarded the belt back to Alexander.