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Doink the Clown

BIO: Doink the Clown is one of the most interesting performers around. He's a role that has been played by many wrestlers and has always been a fan favorite because the gimmick is simply fun. Doink started in the WWF as an evil clown who would play mean pranks on his face opponents and perform mean tricks on the fans. Doink even had evil heel music to signify this. However, the fans started to enjoy the character and the momentum of that turned Doink into a face! Many remember his feud with Bam Bam Bigelow. Doink was in the WWE for a while during the mid 1990's but disappeared when the WWF started using wrestlers without gimmicks or with adult themes. Doink, whomever was playing the character, would then surf the indy circuit to keep entertaining the crowds with his antics. For XWF Inc., he'd come out with a high-powered squirt gun and drench the audience, for instance. The WWE actually brought back the Doink gimmick during either 2002 or 2003 with an Ohio Valley Wrestling prospect playing the role, and he's most famous for getting annihilated by Chris Benoit. He quickly exited shortly thereafter.

(Partial Credit to Pro Wrestling Illustrated's "2004 Wrestling Almanac and Book of Facts, 9th Edition" AND for the picture)