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Rob Features Interview with
"Mr. 8x10" Michael Cruz
October 21, 2004

Rob Features: Here I am, XWF Inc. fans, with "Mr. 8X10" himself, Michael Cruz. Congrats on your recent XWF Inc. World Title victory. How does it feel to be champion?

Mr. 8X10 Michael Cruz: Mr.8X10 should've been champ along time ago, but in the bizz you have to pay your dues, and bust your ass, and that is what the champ plans on doing for a time to come.

Rob Features: What are your plans in XWF Inc. now that you are champion? Any challengers you have in mind to wrestle at upcoming shows?

Michael Cruz: I will continue to give the 8X10's sports entertainment, excitement, shocking moments, the 8X10 moment and will give all comers that are in my league a shot at my 8X10 title. Actually, after I defeat the American Crow "again", there is someone off the 8X10 record that for a while I've been watching and I actually am going to admit he's 1/2 way there, but he's worthy of a shot of the "X" title: Daron Smythe. He's got something and with that in mind, he's next in line.

Rob Features: At the "Fall Brawl 2" event, you fooled the crowd into thinking you were ditching the "Mr. 8X10" gimmick. How did the 8X10 gimmick come about?

Michael Cruz: Some stories there young man are not to be told...point blank.

Rob Features: A big fan of yours is Jack Blaze, current (maybe former) XWF Inc. CEO. How on earth did you become associated with Blaze?

Michael Cruz: Actually, Blaze happened to hear of myself through a former co-worker, I invited him to attend a show I was working on, and he is a phenomenal guy 1st, and secondly best character gimmick ever on an indy circuit.

Rob Features: Your wrestling debut, according to your bio, was in 1996 in Columbus, OH. How did that go and who was it against?

Michael Cruz: It was a horrible time working with a promotion that had un-tained backyard workers on it. I wrestled a guy calling himself The Strangler, once again 1996 debut "horrible".

Rob Features: Since 1996, you've wrestled over 500 matches in your career. You've also wrestled various past and present WWE, WCW, ECW, and independent stars. Was there an opponent or tag wrestler that you highly respected or was in awe of?

Michael Cruz: None. Every worker famous or not, is a person. Straight, some stiff etc... I feel a worker can work anyone at anytime period.

Rob Features: Of the 500+ opponents you've wrestled, which one was your absolute toughest opponent?

Michael Cruz: Stormtrooper. Bottom line, the toughest s.o.b. I've ever been in the ring with.

Rob Features: Most hated opponent?

Michael Cruz: Dick Flanagan.

Rob Features: I understand that you were trained by former WWE wrestler, Dick Flanagan. You two were in fact, the first ever XWF Inc. Tag Team Champions. However, you have since turned on your former trainer. What gives?

Michael Cruz: Well, the story is Dicky never respected my true talent. Mr.8X10 "had" to happen, I new day 1 I was going to have something unique, but Dicky had other thoughts. He's blander than bland & simply although he opened a door up for me as a wrestler, he's just not in my league these days!

Rob Features: I've heard that you desire to open your own very wrestling school here in the Ohio Valley. Any specific details you'd like to mention and when could this wrestling school open?

Michael Cruz: 2005 100%

Rob Features: Any last thoughts you'd like to add?

Michael Cruz: To the 8X10's continue to supports The World's Greatest Sports Entertainer In All Of Indy Showbizz, respect the champ, never assume anything with Mr.8X10 regardless. I will always continue to fool you, keep you on your toes as to what I'll do next, and shock each 8X10 that comes out to see me. Remember I'm on the home of every wall and your not!

Rob Features: Thanks a lot, Mr. 8X10, for doing this exclusive interview.