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Rob Features Interview with Big Dawg
September 20, 2004

Rob Features: First, thank you Big Dawg for sitting down and participating in this interview. My first question, since you are the owner/promoter of XWF Inc... how did you get started in the independent wrestling business?

Big Dawg: I am a supervisor for Youth Service Systems. In 2000 my co-worker, who happened to be none other than Micheal Cruz, suggested we hold a benefit wrestling show for our shelter. On our first show we had Dicky Flanagan, Brian O, Sweet Stevie Lee, T Rantula, Elvis Elliot, Adam O, Doink, and myself who was then known as Bodyguard X (who was Cruz's bodyguard then turned on him). After seeing the show was a success, Cruz and I decided to keep it going.

Rob Features: What made you decide upon choosing the Ohio Valley as the federation's home?

Big Dawg: Features, I thought you were smarter than that...I live here you idiot.

Rob Features: XWF Inc... How did you come up with that name for the company? I know many, like myself, have got that name confused with Jimmy Hart's XWF promotion that he started in 2001 with the intent on it being eventual competition against the WWF/WWE.

Big Dawg: We first started as OVCW (Ohio Valley Championship Wrestling). After seeing the many Ohio Valley sports foundations we decided to change it. Secondly, Features, our name is XWF Inc. so we are not the same. I had the vision of Xtreme Wrestling for a while because of my love for ECW.

Rob Features: You've had Naomi Sinclair as your commissioner for quite a while now. What, outside of her incredible looks, made you decide to put her in a position of power as commissioner?

Big Dawg: Her looks, that's about it. (But she does have a college education.)

Rob Features: While I'm on the subject of Naomi, what made you decide to name Jack Blaze as the CEO and then later favor Jack Blaze some more when you, yourself, slammed Naomi Sinclair down to the hard canvas?

Big Dawg: Blaze started off as a ring announcer/commentator with Tony Sommers. After Cruz and I noticed his knowledge of pro wrestling, the dominance over Tony on the mic, the charisma he displayed, and the reaction from the fans, we decided Jack Blaze was the right person for the CEO position. Personally, to tell you the truth, I don't take sides. Jack just happens to make decisions that I like...the right ones.

Rob Features: What are your thoughts on Naomi demoting Jack Blaze as CEO and promoting Tony Summers as CEO? In addition, will we see the Big Dawg at the "Fall Brawl 2" show to sort everything out?

Big Dawg: This is a real F'd up situation. Jack shot himself in the foot by stating he was retiring, which gave Sinclair every right to hire a new CEO (so she thought). What she failed to realize is that I am the owner and she should have consulted me before hiring anyone for that type of position. This is why Sinclair, to me, is incapable of making the right decisions. Wouldn't you promote yourself to be the second in command first. Yet she hires an x-weatherman to be my CEO. As for seeing the Big Dawg at Fall Brawl 2, my presence will be known.

Rob Features: One thing I've always enjoyed about XWF Inc. was the star power that it brought to the Ohio Valley. You've had the likes of Larry Zybysko, Viscera, Gangrel, New Jack, Jim Duggan, "Doink" the Clown, David Flair, among others at XWF Inc. events. Has there ever been a superstar that you've brought in that you've been in awe of? For instance, I was just in awe of meeting a longtime idol of mine, New Jack, at Summer Xtreme Bash.

Big Dawg: Sorry web boy, the only person I am in awe of is myself. Those guy piss standing up just like I do. Now if you want to ask me who I liked partying with the boy David Heath, AKA Gangrel. I can't go into details but he was FN crazy.

Rob Features: Your shows are pretty well produced and are geared towards storylines. Have you ever thought about seeking television time for your federation. If not, are there plans to release events or matches on video for the fans?

Big Dawg: Yes we are working on FYI but I don't want to air just anything. I want a nice product. And as for videos, talk to Cruz and Blaze.

Rob Features: As a promoter and probably a wrestling fan yourself, I'm sure you look at the WWE from time to time. They are obviously not at their peak and the McMahons are no longer worth billions. Their audience and ratings have been cut almost in half. As a wrestling promoter, what would you do to fix or improve the WWE to become more successful?

Big Dawg: WWE tries to promote steroid actosteroidcall them actors because most don't want to get their pretty faces hurt.). I hate watching WWE and the camera catches the guy missing his punch by like two inches. Too much soap opera, ridiculous storylines, and repetitive drama. I do enjoy the females, as any guy would.

Rob Features: How about NWA-TNA? They are doing well for themselves, but they probably have a few improvements they could make to really become legit competition for the WWE. Your thoughts?

Big Dawg: I think the most potential is in TNA. But I am sure most of you have watched TNA Impact and saw it lacks something. Money is the biggest issue for any fed. WWE has it and we don't. Sadly, no one, as of now, can compete with the WWE.

Rob Features: We'll go one step further. What would you have done, as a promoter, to keep WCW alive?

Big Dawg: Point blank, not be a sell out. When WCW left, all wrestling went to hell. No competition, we are being brain washed to watch the same thing.

Rob Features: How about ECW? What would you have done differently to keep that fed afloat?

Big Dawg: As I just stated, the same goes for ECW. By the way, who does ECW's owner work for now? It's all about the $$$$$$$$.

Rob Features: How proud are you of Viscera and Gangrel for making their WWE returns? Both were very professional, from what I've seen and heard, during their appearances for XWF Inc.

Big Dawg: They ain't like my kids or something. But I do wish them the best. It just shows how those who bash XWF Inc. saying we use washed up former WWF stars might think twice about making those statements. If we used these guys last year and they where washed up, what the f is Vince using them now for!

Rob Features: A lot has been said about internet wrestling fans. With internet fans, they tend to nitpick more than your everyday wrestling fan because internet fans are exposed to wrestling on a daily basis instead of weekly. I'm sure you take heed of feedback or criticisms, but would you care to elaborate on your thoughts on internet wrestling fans?

Big Dawg: Let me tell you something, there is no such thing as bad publicity. I don't mind when people talk shit on us, they've been doing it from day one, they're going to do it ten years from now, but at least they know our name. People who post anonymously, be a man, post your name, then talk shit. I will respect you for that. All who doesn't are punk ass bitches. And if I just offended you, you must be one of those bitches.

Rob Features: If you could bring in ONE wrestler from the entire sport of pro-wrestling to show up at an XWF Inc. event, who would it be? For instance, the WWE wrestlers are signed under exclusive contract. Is there a wrestling talent from the WWE or elsewhere that's unattainable due to contracts, money, or whatever else that you'd love to have on an XWF Inc. show?

Big Dawg: If we could, Steve Austin would be a pleasure to bring in. He kind of fits the XWF Inc. lifestyle. And to have a 'sports entertainer', the Rock. By far the most entertaining personality in the WWE.

Rob Features: What's in store for XWF Inc. fans at future events? Any surprises or announcements that fans should expect?

Big Dawg: What the hell do you think is in store for XWF Inc...the good, the bad, the bloody, we will keep giving the fans 100% hard core, high flying, in your face wrestling. With an occasional washed up WWE superstar. LOL

Rob Features: Any last or random thoughts you'd like to say about anything?

Big Dawg: You're one hell of a webmaster. (I give props where props are due.) BDW has become an ally of XWFInc. (So F you all who still try to stir shit.) To the hardest working men in pro wrestling, those on the XWF Inc. roster, thank you for your loyalty, time, and understanding. Special thanks to CJ, Tony and Diana. And like it or not, without Micheal Cruz, the 'X' would not exist. So give that muthaf*cker his props.

Rob Features: Thanks for taking the time for this exclusive interview!