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April 23, 2006

Match 1
Night Train Wes Fetty defeated Buddy Wilson

Match 2
Big Hurt defeated "The Glam-Rock Man" Nikki Skidds

Match 3
Jo Jo Little defeated Wrath Child

Match 4
Zack Practor defeated "Hot Property" Jason Cage

Match 5
Daron Smythe defeated "The Omega" Aaron Draven

Match 6
"Mr 8x10" Michael Cruz defeated Jabari

Match 7
Jason Gory defeated Justin Sane and "The Ideal" Billy Glander in a triple threat.

Notes: With that win, Gory laid claim to the vacant Cruiserweight Championship

Match 8
Brian O and Michael Blade aka Muscles Inc defeated Sugar Steve Flash and El Fandango

Match 9
JT Hogg defeated Shawn Blanchard

Match 10
Oprah Mustafa defeated Skott Vicious

Main Event
"Double AA" Anthony Alexander defeated Carlton Kaz to retain his SVW Heavyweight Title.