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Rob Features Interview with
American Eagle
December 17, 2004

Rob Features: Thank you, American Eagle, for taking part in this exclusive interview. Now, let me get down to business. The last time we saw you, you had a disputed victory in your rematch against Michael Cruz, and after the match, you stomped him good. Many suggested that you put yourself back into XWF Inc. Heavyweight Title contention with that. With this fact being said, where were you at the last XWF Inc. event, "November 2 Remember", to possibly lay claim being #1 contender?

American Eagle: You know Rob, I was basically taking care of some business. You see some people (fans) had said some things that I knew was coming but I myself didnít catch it in time. Granted, I knew I was getting out of shape, after I had lost 70 lbs in 10 months, which was prior to making my debut in the XWF. After being on the road for so long, itís hard to hit the gym up on a regular basis as I was in the past. I mean, travel day in and day out, driving to many places, stay the night for a few hours, and get up and travel to the next show and eating healthy on the road in the indys is easier said than done.

Rob Features: When you beat Cruz, you used the old Spicoli-driver or Death Valley Driver finishing move, which is a popular finisher to use these days. Are you going to use that as a trademark finishing move for the future, and if so, what would you call it?

American Eagle: For years, I have used the EVD (Eagle Valley Driver), but at the point and time of the match that move was there and it had Cruz's number. However, I would say that it is one of my main finishers but I have a few more up in the sky waiting to be dropped on the next NBK member or anyone who steps in the Eagleís way to victory.

Rob Features: Do you still hold a grudge against Cruz, a man who stole your XWF Inc. Heavyweight Title and tried to taint the win of your rematch?

American Eagle: Without a Doubt..... HELL YES! But I have heard through the GRAPEVINE that he has now turned to the good side, but until I see otherwise, that grudge will remain. An Eagle always watches his prey!

Rob Features: I heard somewhere that you had a tryout for World Wrestling Entertainment/Ohio Valley Wrestling. How did that go and what was it like to tryout for the WWE/OVW?

American Eagle: In Feb of 2003, I had a tryout down in Louisville, KY with Jim Cornette, Danny Davis, and guest appearances by Rip Rogers, Rocky Johnson, Bradshaw (JBL), and Crash Holly (Michael Lockwood), amongst many of that time OVW stars that are now WWE stars Such as The Bashams, Eugene, Orlando Jordan, Renee Dupree, etc. How it went was an absolute great experience which Iím planning on heading back in June or July, granted nothing is set in stone as of yet.

Rob Features: The "American Eagle" gimmick... may I ask, other than being obviously Patriotic, as to why you selected to wrestle in the Red, White, and Blue colors, including your mask?

American Eagle: I was 14 yrs old when I started in the business......Yes 14yrs old, however, at that time, by law, I wasnít technically allowed to wrestle, but being rookie of the year in Music City Wrestling, I had to find a mask to hide under so I could compete and be made a marketable product for MCW and as things got going within the next few years, it was hard to get rid of The American Eagle and the mask due to fan popularity.

Rob Features: You seem to occasionally mix in the color purple in place of blue, on occasion. Is there a specific reason for this?

American Eagle: LOL, ABSOLUTELY! Adrian Street thinks purple is blue from time to time and as things get washed, the colors fade.

Rob Features: Now, the American or overly Patriotic gimmick has been played up overtime. You had guys like Sgt. Slaughter, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and even Hulk Hogan playing up the "USA" chants. Then, you have the Patriot, Del Wilkes and now Tom Brandi, wrestling in full American attire, including the mask, like yourself. What would you have to say to those who suggest that your gimmick is too clichťd or too much like the Patriot?

American Eagle: In a non-xtreme environment, such as other feds besides XWF, I can make the Patriotic/USA gimmick happen. As for the XWF, well, I have other ideas for a new patriot that will show all the fans That The Eagle has quit taking shit from all and is now ready to whip ass and take names later!

Rob Features: Out of all of the XWF Inc. wrestlers, you seem to market yourself the best at all of the events. You usually have a nice collection of items, such as photos, masks, and other American Eagle merchandise for fans to buy. The photos you had professionally done for yourself is a nice touch. What inspired you to have such a keen way of marketing yourself at the shows? Because in my opinion, most wrestlers could take a page from you on how to promote/advertise themselves in the independents.

American Eagle: To be completely honest, as a trainee, I would watch all of the indy shows I could in Nashville, TN and throughout the state, as well as Ohio but not for months later Ohio would come, I would observe how other wrestlers could make more money and as years grew on, I just became smarter and more business like about the wrestling business as well as how to market myself better as The American Eagle. Plus, sometimes the better the quality of your product the more volume you can do ITíS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT MAKING MORE MONEY BUT WHAT THE FANS LIKE AND WANT. Which come February, I should have a new line of pictures out as well.

Rob Features: Your bio says you debuted in 1998. Who trained you prior to that year or the time you debuted?

American Eagle: Well the first month and half was done by Colorado Kid aka Mike Rapada and the rest of my training through MCW was by Brickhouse Brown, who I claim as my main trainer. However, I have received other training sessions by Sir Mo from Men on a Mission, Dirty White Boy Wolfie D from the famous USWA days tag team of PG-13. Also, when I came to Ohio, a guy by the name of the Green Hornet aka The Great Buddha taught me, so I have all kind of different aspects of the art of wrestling which makes me a very well rounded wrestler.

Rob Features: Where did you debut and how did it go?

American Eagle: I debuted in Feb. 1998 against Styliní Shane Eden in a 10 min. draw in Lebanon, TN at the Armory they had out there and as for the match, it was actually fairly well, LOL, but of course back then, I didnít do or know half the stuff I know now.

Rob Features: Since 1998, I imagine you've run across some big names in the business. Is there anybody who you've met backstage or wrestled that you were impressed with that most people in the mainstream would know?

American Eagle: Well first on my list for wrestling is an Indy guy, now TNA star, Chad Coyller; an awesome, very helpful great guy. Also, the Falen Angel Christopher Daniels, who was at the tryout I was at with WWE/OVW. I have met some top of line guys such as HBK, Booker T, Demolition AX, Jimmy Snuka, Bushwhackers, George the Animal Steele, Jake Roberts, Brian Kobbs of the Nasty Boys, and the list goes on and on.

Rob Features: You won the XWF Inc. Heavyweight Title by defeating Bishop Slade in a tough No-Disqualification match, which saw you take some very hard chairshots to the head? Given your success in that match against a tough wrestler such as Slade, would you consider wrestling that type of match on a regular basis or at future events?

American Eagle: Chairshots to the head, yes indeed they were very hard, especially coming from a 400 Lb BEAST but that STAPLE GUN hurt just as bad. 1/4 inch thick staples driving in my head wasnít pretty either. However, on a regular basis, that depends at future events. From the time to time, yeah, got no problems with that; it shows that The Eagle stands up for America and will fight fire with fire!

Rob Features: I imagine XWF Inc. is going to have a show in early 2005. Will you be there, and if so, what do you have in store for XWF Inc. fans to see?

American Eagle: Well, at this point, Iím not satisfied with myself appearance wise but that wonít stop me from making a new Exclamation in the X and at the start of 2005 the fans will see some new things in the ring and DEFINITELY NEW MUSIC! So I hope the fans will like the new and improved Eagle, and if all goes well, there should and will be an IMPACT come January 2005.

Rob Features: Thank you for your time and best of luck.

American Eagle: Thank You, Mr. Features for having me AND one last thingÖ Fans sit back, grab a hold of your chair, cuz the Eagle is flying high in 2005! You Can Check The American Eagle out at

Rob Features: This concludes the EXCLUSIVE interview with the American Eagle